Global Gold Email Migration

When you receive an email with the subject ‘Your Email Upgrade Dates‘ it means that your email service is due to be upgraded, on the dates specified in the email.

Don’t worry though, you don’t have to do anything particularly technical, just follow the simple instructions below.

STEP 1 – Please ensure you have the correct login details for your email

Email Usernames
If your old username on Globalgold email was (for example) ‘brian.yourdomain.com’ your new username will be ‘brian@yourdomain.com’ (replace the “.” with an “@”)

Email Passwords
The password for all of your old service remain unchanged. However we do recommend you reset all passwords after the migration is complete, this can be done via the control panel.(https://myaccount.globalgold.co.uk)

Help information on the control panel can be found by visiting: http://www.yoursupportservices.co.uk/yourcp/email

STEP 2 – How to Access your new Easymail Service

Where should I login?

Globalgold recommend that you take advantage of your brand new webmail interface, available at https://www.globalgold.co.uk/webmail , we also suggest you add this link to your bookmarks.

Full information about how the webmail interface works can be found by visiting our webmail help guides: http://www.yoursupportservices.co.uk/ox-appsuite

I use an email client such as Outlook – what do I do?

Advanced Users who wish to use an email client (rather than webmail) can use the following guides which provide all the help you will need – full client settings can also be obtained from your email section in your control panel.

If you already send and receive email with an email client (such as Outlook) you will need to edit the settings.

Information how to edit your settings can be found by viewing our help guides: http://www.yoursupportservices.co.uk/edit

If you have never setup email on an email client and would like to do so, you can use our quick setup guide for the most common mail clients: http://www.yoursupportservices.co.uk/quicksetup

Advanced users may want to access their email on a mobile device. Information on how to do this can be found on our advanced setup guides: http://www.yoursupportservices.co.uk/setup